About Us

Global Healthcare Education is a forward thinking, innovative company that is striving to deliver the best quality continuing education to healthcare profession. Founded by two of the industry’s most experienced and successful leaders with a combined experience of over 40 years in the health and wellness education market, GHE is set to become a market leading force.

At GHE we see things differently.

  • We see that you want high quality content that is easily accessible wherever you may be.
  • We see that you want choice between live and online seminars.
  • We see that you want value, and that you want to be valued.
  • We see that you want to be inspired by your educators.
  • We see that you want high quality learning materials.

That is why we offer a diverse range of programs that you can choose online or live.

  • We have created our GHE membership program to reward you for being a loyal customer.
  • We offer discounts to students on some of most popular programs to allow you the chance to increase your employability when you graduate.
  • We offer blended learning on all of our programs so you can achieve the maximum amount from your time with our speakers when in a live seminar.
  • We offer all this and more because we want to be the best in the industry.

Our Founders

Glenn Withers

Founder & CEO

Greg Greene

Founder & CEO

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